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Solid Waste

​​Here at Henry County Solid Waste, we have gone to great lengths to clean and keep our county cleaner than when we found it. In the course of the year we clean over 400 miles of roads of litter, enforce our unlicensed vehicle ordinance, and clean illegal roadside dumps.

We cannot do this work alone, this is why we ask you as citizens and residents of Henry County to make responsible choices when it comes to the disposal of your waste.

If you are new to the area contact Rumpke for curbside trash pickup at 1-800-678-6753.

Dump Clean-up Efforts

Not too long ago Henry County was given the challenge of cleaning numerous illegal dumps. These dumps did not happen overnight, but through years of neglect and ignoring the problem they grew in size and numbers. Since 2003, 35 of these eyesores have been cleaned; and Henry County has been recognized as one of the progressive counties in the state when it comes to this clean-up effort.


We take litter very seriously, most every week somewhere in Henry County you will find a crew cleaning the roads of litter. With the work of these crews and volunteers, we clean over 400 miles of road side litter.


Not only does Henry County Solid Waste take care of illegal dumps and litter, we feel it is our responsibility to provide the means for individuals to recycle some goods.  You will find receptacles for the collection of recyclable materials located at the Henry County Road Department Complex on South Property Road in New Castle . Also each year, we sponsor a scrap metal collection day at the Road Department facilities where we will accept any thing from refrigerators to fence with the wood post removed.


  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans


We Do NOT recycle:

  • Plastic Films (bags)
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam

Get Involved

Without the help of conscientious citizens, our work cannot reach its full potential. Each year we sponsor a county-wide litter clean up day.  Groups will be paid $100 per mile of road cleaned. We will provide the gloves, safety vests, and bags--All you need is a group of people willing to make a difference and get paid for it. We require that all groups contact us early so you can get on the list to get your assignment of up to 10 miles. Also watch the Henry County Local for dates and times for our Scrap Metal Day and Tire Collection Day. Each one of these activities will help in keeping our county clean.

19 South Property Rd
PO Box 686
New Castle, KY 40050
Phone: (502) 845-7760 
Fax: (502) 845-5743

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